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Comparador de embarcações.

Intermarine 24M
Características Técnicas
Hull length with swim platform24,80 m (81,36')
Maximum beam6,00 m (19,68')
Maximum beam with open beach club7,78 m
Maximum draft1,80 m (5,90')
Height above water line *6,44 m (21,12')
Aft deadrise13,7°
Unladed displacement **61t
Laden displacement ***73t
Maximum speed ****30 nós
Cruising speed ****24 nós
Fuel capacity6000 l
Water capacity2000 l
Engines2 x MAN 1800 HP
Passenger capacity26
Cabins4 + 1/2
Beds8 + 3/4
Bathrooms5 + 1
External ProjectLuiz de Basto Designs
Internal ProjectIntermarine

* Maximum height with empty shift; radio antenna, radar, satellite TV and other equipment installed.
** Empty tank shifts, without passengers, rescue or provisions.
*** Full tank shifts and maximum passenger’s capacity.
**** The speed tests are valid in the following weather conditions air temperature: 25°C; sea water temperature: 25°C; Beaufort Winds level 1; sea according to Douglas scale; hull, propellers, rudder and axis in the condition of delivery of the yacht. The tests consider yet, the standard yacht, with no optional equipment that might limit speed.

As part of constant technology and design innovation in our products, Intermarine is free to alter the yachts technical features without previous notice.