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Intermarine is the most prestigious brand of the Brazilian seas. The leading shipyard in luxury yachts in Brazil has produced and sold more than 6,000 units since 1973. From the first model  ever built more than four decades ago, up to the Intermarine 95, an unprecedented world-class superyacht, the goal is one: to build the best yachts in the world. The distinctive design, outstanding performance, sophistication, high quality, efficient after-sales and the best resale value make Intermarine incomparable.



The shipyard, located in the city of Osasco, state of Sao Paulo, has a complete plant, a reference in yacht building. Six internal mini-factories deliver an exceptional level of quality of woodshop, upholstery, electrical, hydraulic, mechanical and metalwork items. In a specially constructed pool are carried out tests of chilled water systems and leak testing. This structure allows to the Intermarine customers a high performance standard and ensures agility in spare parts.

Technology and craftsmanship

The technology is present throughout the building process. From the design, fully developed with specific softwares for the marine market, through CNC milling of the plugs until the infusion lamination process, it combines the most modern techniques in yacht building, fully implemented by our engineering and production teams. The careful craft is also present in all stages of the process.


The yacht is exposed to harsh weather conditions, either by navigating in rough waters or suffers the action of the sea breeze. Ensuring performance and impeccable safety is one of our priorities. The Intermarine laboratory is dedicated exclusively to test the components installed on yachts, ensuring peace of mind to owners. Durability tests are performed, as well other tests, such as: corrosion, tension, flexural, viscosity resins measurements, among others.

Excellence and Customization

The combination of pleasant tones to look at, the choice of noble and durable materials, the perfect sofa stitching, the soft touch of the cabinetry. Careful finishing is in every detail, both inside and outside. Add to all these features your personal touch, the purest expression of your individuality. Our team can create solutions that meet your needs, creating an amazing and unique yacht.

Design and performance

Form and function navigate together in every Intermarine. The beauty of the elegant and imposing lines connects perfectly with the spacious interior, with intelligently distributed areas. Created in partnership with renowned international design studios, the Intermarine yachts have unmistakable style. The excellent performance and enviable navigability provide an unparalleled experience at the sea.


Owning an Intermarine is synonym of prestige and trust. It is being part of an exclusive group of people that chose a brand that, for over 43 years, dedicates itself to building exceptional yachts. But more than that, the Intermarine owner has tranquility. The accredited service points along the coast we provide an effective and agile after-sales service.


Provide a unique experience and unforgettable moments to our customers, aboard one of the best yachts in the world.


Surpass ourselves constantly and be recognized as the best and most distinctive shipyard pleasure craft marine industry.


Excellence. Strength. Evolution. Human capital. Responsibility. Intermarine has in its values base that makes it a leading company.


Contributing for a healthier environment to the next generations is one of our goals. The resin infusion lamination of our yachts reduces the emission of toxic gases, besides providing a cleaner environment for the employee. All the engines featured on the vessels are in accordance with international environmental legislation. The disposal of waste materials used on the building process is done through specific partners, ensuring environmental preservation.